What is Date Doctors?

Date Doctors is a coaching, teaching and training forum delivered by skilled relationship practitioners.

We are also pleased to have recently introduced Michelle.the.Matchmaker, a highly customised personal matchmaking service we are offering to a select number of clients in the eastern states of Australia.

Collectively, the Date Doctors team has probably tackled every relationship challenge there is – from flirting, dating, and long term commitment through to marriages that last for decades and those that don’t. Their solutions come from a vast bank of experience, some simple, practical and straightforward, and others involving the mysteries of the mind and the cosmos.

When it comes to relationships, there can be many right answers to a single question. Michelle Lewis, the founder/director of Date Doctors, has brought together a team of specialists from different relationship disciplines. As well as being an expert in the field of matchmaking and relationship counselling herself, Michelle has the skill to suggest to you the most suitable specialist in her team for your personal needs.

If you think you have what it takes to join the Date Doctor’s team, please contact us.